‘For decades, companies have been selling “slim” – and Americans have been eating it up.  As CBS News correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports, ‘Americans spend about $35 billion a year on weight-loss products.’

Yes, ‘diets’ are big business, ‘Yo-Yo dieters’ go from one diet to the next, hoping that ‘this one will be the answer’.

So why are ‘diets’ so difficult to stick to?

I have put together a list of 40 reasons why I think ‘diets’ fail.

In reality ‘dieting’ can never be the long-term solution but thank fully, for the ‘diet industry’, that doesn’t seem to stop people!

40 Reasons why diets fail
They’re boring/expensive/rigid/time consuming
Means cooking the family a different meal
No one likes to be  ‘deprived
No one likes to be told what to do by the ‘diet expert’
Part of you doesn’t want to lose weight
There’s a fear of ‘failing’
There’s a belief you won’t succeed
Feeling ‘empty’ is uncomfortable
Strong emotions begin to surface
Overweight friends or family won’t like it
Change is scary
Diets are not sustainable long term
Other people may be judgmental
Risk of offending someone by refusing their food
It too much hassle finding something suitable in restaurants
Letting go of a protective layer of fat is too ‘exposing’
There’s no money to buy a new clothes
It’ll ‘rock the boat’ in some relationships
There’s a fear of attracting unwanted attention
It’s a reminder of an unhappy time when you were ‘slim’
You believe you ‘can’t have everything’
You’re afraid people might be jealous or won’t like you
Fear you may become ‘shallow’ ‘superficial’ or self-absorbed
Afraid once you start dieting you won’t be able to STOP
Can’t handle the ‘pressure’ to keep the weight off long-term
You’re doing it for someone else
Might mean someone who’s been telling you to lose weight has ‘won’
Can’t eat your favourite foods
It’s inconvenient
Fear of stretch marks
You’re afraid of sending out the ‘wrong message’ to your children
You don’t want to take responsibility for your body and your health
Fear of success
Brings back uncomfortable feelings of a parent ‘dieting’
Takes away choice/freedom
Doesn’t feel safe to lose weight
You don’t want to be ‘seen to fail’
Fear your partner will reject you or feel ‘threatened’ if you look different
You don’t feel you deserve to have the body you want
You can’t use your weight as an excuse anymore!!

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