Yesterday, my daughters school decided to raise money for Haiti by allowing the pupils to do anything they liked with their hair in exchange for a donation.  It was great fun of course, and even though there are only 185 children at the school they raised over £800: so well done St Aubyns!

I imagine that for most of the children, their hair became the focus: it certainly did in our household!  It had to look ‘perfect’, get ‘the right sort of attention’, stand out from the rest but not look ridiculous, ‘fit in’ in an ‘individual’ sort of way!

When we spend our lives trying to be ‘perfect’ we can disconnect ourselves from what’s really going on in life : like Haiti!

Maybe we’re already perfect anyway?  I don’t mean matching some image of what society may deem to be perfect, but given that we do look the way we look, and we are who we are, we could choose to accept that ‘we are perfectly who we are.’

I expect for some of you that statement may bring up some heightened emotions, a list of reasons why you are ‘far from perfect’, and even thoughts like ‘perfect people are arrogant and selfish’.

So let’s be clear about what ‘perfect’ actually means shall we?  According to the Oxford English Dictionary ….

Perfect – complete, faultless, not deficient, exact, precise, entire, unqualified.

With that in mind, I say, we are perfect.  Just think about it …..We are completely who we are, aren’t we? exactly, precisely, entirely? Well…….you are you, aren’t you? (even when you try not to be)  So how about accepting the ‘you’ that you are, right now? When you accept who you are, exactly, precisely and entirely, there is freedom……..freedom to ‘be’, freedom to feel love, freedom to be loved, freedom to make changes to your circumstances and  the circumstances of others.

So, if you’re having a ‘bad hair day’, you could consider it’s perfect, and lighten up!

Speak soon