I only have to look at a cream bun ……

People who say “I eat what ever I want and I never put on weight” are right aren’t they?  So are those who say “I only have to look at a cream bun and it goes straight to my hips”

What do you say about yourself and the way you look?

Beliefs about ourselves are very powerful indeed, they actually shape our reality. Thinking ‘fat thoughts’ can literally lead to putting on weight or an inability to lose weight.  You see our unconscious mind likes to give us exactly what we think about.  If we are always thinking about what we don’t want e.g. to be  ‘fat’ ,‘unhealthy’, ‘depressed’ or  ‘single’ then that’s what we get.  If, on the other hand, we think about what we do want e.g. to be  ‘slim’ ,‘healthy’, ‘happy’ or  ‘in a wonderful relationship’, then that’s what we are likely to  manifest.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  So why don’t we do it? Probably because a lot of our beliefs are operating at an unconscious level so we don’t even know what they are!

We need to first become aware of the beliefs that we have before we can begin to let them go and create new ones that serve us more effectively.  Also even though on the surface it might not look like our currant beliefs are useful, they do serve a purpose.  The ‘benefits’ of the belief may be to

Fit in with others

avoid taking responsibility

avoid the possibility of failure

avoid confrontation or conflict

keep us safe

have an excuse to blame others

avoid taking a risk

avoid being ‘disliked’ or ‘rejected’

I work with a lot of clients, especially in the area of weight loss and body image (on a one to one and with my company Weigh Out Ltd, specialising in courses for anyone who wants to change their eating behaviour). Invariably my clients behaviour around food is linked to their experiences from the past. In most cases the strategies they have developed enable them to avoid things that are unpleasant or uncomfortable.  By getting to the root of their behaviour and discovering the limiting beliefs that keep their behaviour in place, they can begin to make new choices and move forward. With new positive beliefs they can begin to enjoy life and start to value themselves.  Once they’ve done that, food no longer has ‘control’ over them.

For an easy way to begin thinking positively about yourself and your body take a look at the movie below.

Watch this movie twice everyday and start to see the benefits. Enjoy!

Speak soon ….