Sometimes life can seem like a ‘struggle’ and it can be difficult to see anything to be grateful for. We can be so ‘stuck’ in ‘what’s wrong’ that we forget to acknowledge the stuff we do like!

When my clients have a problem seeing the ‘bigger picture’ I recommend that they  practice a great little  exercise called ‘panning for gold’.  Their job, just before they go to sleep, is to find 3 things that were good about their day: this could be anything from ..

accomplishing a challenging task

seeing a flower

getting a smile from a stranger

having a hug

reading something inspiring

watching the sunset

listening to some great music

What happens is that when they start to  look outside of themselves, not only does it remove the focus from their ‘problem’ (which can in itself put the problem in to perspective) but it can really begin to awaken them  to the magic of their everyday surroundings. Doing this before sleep can really help them to have a positive night and wake up next day feeling refreshed and more optimistic.  Before they know it they have a whole list of things to be grateful for!

The Universe loves it when we are grateful, in fact it likes to reward us by giving us even more to be grateful for!

So counting your blessings really is an investment.

Here’s a little film which shows just some of the things we can choose to be grateful for. Enjoy!

Speak soon ……