Do you know what you really want?  Specifically?

The more specific you can be about what you want, the more likely you are to get it.

Your mind is very powerful indeed and it likes to give you what you think about.  If you don’t believe me  take a look at your own life.  What is it that you constantly think about?

Here’s an example – If you are always thinking,  ‘there’s never enough money’, you will notice that, ‘there’s never enough money’.

Unfortunately your mind cannot distinguish between the things you do want and the things you don’t want.  All it can do is manifest your thoughts.  So what’s really useful is to  ‘manage’ your thoughts. Keep thinking about what you do want.

If you want money, imagine it.  How does it look? How does it smell? How does it feel to have money?

How much do you want, specifically?  In your minds eye imagine a bank statement with a date on it, and  the amount you want credited to your account, or see yourself holding that amount of cash in your hand.  When we can act ‘as if’ we already have it, we alter our vibration and in doing so we bring what we want towards us. Acting ‘as if’ and taking appropriate action is key to manifestation.

This takes practice, a life time of practice.  Most people dream of something and when it doesn’t appear they give up.  Keep going.  Giving up is fine you’re just less likely to manifest your dream.

Entrepreneurs are successful because they don’t give up.  If someone says ‘no’ to them they don’t take it personally.  They find a way of working with any obstacles and see the whole thing as a challenging game.

Manifesting can be great fun.  Why not try it for a while, see what happens?

Someone who definitely doesn’t give up is Will Smith….

So, what is it that you really want? Are you going to get it? When? What actions are you going to take?

Speak soon …..