According to Jungian psychology, whether we are male or female, we each have a masculine and a feminine side to us.

‘The balance of male and female makes us whole. We all have a feminine side and a masculine side to us. In Jungian psychology, it is termed the anima and animus: the male has an inner feminine, while the female has an inner masculine. This makes total sense, as we all come from both the masculine and the feminine – a mother and a father: egg and sperm. Neither is more or less important than the other – they simply offer us different and very necessary parts of our being.’  Ayal Hurst

A great friend of mine sent me this wonderful film, of  Eve Ensler speaking about ’embracing your inner girl’. Eve Ensler wrote the Vagina Monologues. In the film below, she talks about the ‘girl cell’. Do take the time to watch it, share it with others, and let me know what you think about it. It’s just over 2o minutes long. Enjoy!

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