Although it’s not really possible to live in any moment, other than the present moment, our thoughts and emotions can get in the way of us experiencing what’s really going on in the ‘here and now’. If you miss out on ‘right now’,  life can get to feel a bit like ‘groundhog day’; the same old thing, day in day out. Live your life focasing on the past, or waiting for the future, and before you know it the years will have passed by, and you’ll be too old to do the things you always dreamed of doing, when you were young!

Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to happen; like illness or loss; before individuals wake up to their life.  Fortunately it doesn’t have to.  You can choose to ‘be in your life’ right now, and as there’s ‘no time like the present’, consider that this is the perfect time to start!

Here is a little film, all about releasing emotions. Do check it out.  It’s just under 7 mins long. Feel free to pass it on to anyone, and do please leave me a comment or two, I enjoy getting your feedback.

Speak soon …..