The Gambling Commission survey of the prevalence of gambling and problem gambling suggests there has been little change since 1999. But online gambling and other new forms have higher rates of problem gamblers, sparking concerns about liberalising gambling laws.’BBC News Reaction:UK Gambling Report

‘Although, thankfully, the number of problem gamblers has not increased, I believe the figure is still too high. The challenge we now face is to prevent people becoming problem gamblers in the first place. The study shows that young single men are a particularly vulnerable group, and we are determined to work with the industry, the Gambling Commission and government to find radical, effective solutions to this issue.’ (John Greenway, responsibility in Gambling Trust)

Today I talk to Lynne Mishon, homeopath and integrated therapist, about the impact of gambling, and the help that is now available to address this addictive behaviour. The interview is just under 13 mins long.

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