I’ve just had an inspirational weekend in Oxford at an Arbonne conference.  One of the key speakers was Michael Clouse.  Michael said that in life what really counts is the way you think.  This of course I know to be true, but I really enjoyed listening to his slant on things.

He talked about, philosophy, attitude, actions, results and lifestyle.

Philosophy – everything you know and how you choose to believe that information.

Attitude – what you think about all day.

Actions – what  you actually do.

Results – what you get from what you did.

Lifestyle – What you are wanting to achieve.  A Lifestyle that works for you.

If you have a lifestyle that works for you that’s great, you are obviously thinking, believing and doing the things that enable you to have what you want. If on the other hand, your lifestyle does not match your dreams, then why not go through the 5 steps?

Results are what we get, from what we did, from what we thought about what we knew and believed to be true.

Take for instance the philosophy that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. If you have a belief like that then you will probably spend  alot of your time thinking about how hard it is to get money, or hold on to it, let alone having enough for making your dreams come true!

Any actions you take will naturally be in line with that philosphy. You may experience –

being ‘desperate’ to earn money, taking any job you can get your hands on (even if it makes you unhappy)

being a ‘workaholic’ driven to earn huge sums of money for fear of losing it, and being ‘poor’

not taking new actions because there seems ‘no point – nothing works anyway!’

However, if your philosophy  is ‘there is always enough’ then your thoughts and actions result in there always being ‘enough’ in your life: whether it’s enough money, enough love, or enough opportunities.

Thoughts really do become things, so it may be time for you to examine your philosophy.

Find new information so that you can question some of your old beliefs if they don’t serve you.  After all it is only you that can make you happy; so why not start today…

If you want to find out about Arbonne  please go to http://www.gameofplenty.myarbonne.co.uk

Speak soon…..