Are you fed up with not getting what you want?

Do you keep getting what you don’t want?

If that sounds like you, then the chances are that the majority of your thoughts are about what you don’t want.

When we focus on what we don’t like or don’t want; for instance a lack of money, it causes a chain reaction.

Here’s a little example to illustrate my point.

A tax bill comes through Maggie’s door and as soon as she sees the envelope she has a negative thought.

“Oh no…that’s going to be bad news!”

She opens the envelope with dread and looks at the amount she is due to pay: a whole stream of thoughts follow.

“No, I can’t believe it, it’s not fair, bloody taxes!  Why do I have to pay them anyway, it’s not as if the Government are doing anything useful.  Why the hell should I pay for their mistakes, they just throw money away!  How am I going to pay that? I don’t have any money.  There’s never enough money.  If I pay that off, I won’t be able to afford a holiday. I deserve a holiday; I’m sick of ‘making do’, ‘going without’.  I’ve got to pay the rent next week and if I don’t pay it, we’ll get kicked out, and what’ll happen to the kids? They’ll get put into care.  It’s always like this, never enough, that’s the ‘story of my life’!”

Maggie’s thoughts cause her to feel angry and fearful which causes her to vibrate at a low frequency.  Happiness is a high frequency vibration. In order to feel happy, we need to think happy thoughts.

So what could Maggie do to change this pattern?

Step 1 – Identify what you  don’t want

i.e. a debt!

Step 2 –  Identify what you do want and then feel the feeling of having it

At first Maggie may say “I don’t want to be in debt!”, but after answering some questions, this is what might  happen…

“I don’t want to feel worried all the time”

So if you don’t want to feel worried, what do you want to feel?

“Umm..well…I want to feel relaxed and calm”

Yes that would be better wouldn’t it.  Are you starting to feel relaxed?

“No, I feel a bit less anxious”

That’s a good start.  What makes you feel relaxed?

“Oh, lying in the sun with a good book”

Great, so think about lying in the sun with your favorite book now

“But it’s raining outside!”

Yes it is. Maggie can you remember the last time you relaxed in the sun?


Where were you?

“South of France. It was about 10 years ago, before I had the kids.”

Was it really hot?

“No, I don’t like it too hot, it was about 80 degrees, and there was a gentle breeze blowing”.

(As Maggie starts to remember, her energy starts to shift)

“I remember thinking ‘this is perfect’, I actually said to John, ‘I don’t want this to end”!

What were  you reading?

“Oh a romantic novel, I think. I can’t remember the title but I was completely gripped by it”.

How do you feel now?

“All warm and tingly inside…happy I suppose”

Great.  So what is it you really want?

“I don’t know”.

If you could have anything, what would that be?

“Oh I’d love my own private beach.  You know, where there are steps down to it from the house.  The house is gorgeous too, it has a panoramic view of the bay and there’s an island, which is a boat ride away.”

Sounds great

“Oh it is, it’s full of beautiful exotic plants, it’s like an explosion of colour, and the smell is divine.”

Is it inhabited?

“No, it’s mine….. just for me”


“Is that okay?”

Of course it is, anything you want remember…..

By now, Maggie is really buzzing, there’s no stopping her, she’s really excited.  Thinking about her dream clearly lights her up.  Any traces of anger and fear have completely disappeared.  Maggie is now vibrating at a high frequency because she is feeling happy.  In this state Maggie can attract the things she wants; what’s more, she doesn’t even need to know how that’s going to happen.   All she has to do right now, is think about what she wants.  There may be some actions for Maggie to take but as long as she is vibrating at this high frequency, any actions she takes will bring her closer to her dream, and she can enjoy the process.

Sound too good to be true?  What if it is true?

Sound too easy?  What if it is easy?

All it requires is a commitment to thinking about what you want, instead of what you don’t want, and then allowing yourself to feel the feeling of having what you want.  Feeling the positive feelings is what attracts what you want, towards you.

In reality, Maggie knows she hasn’t manifested her dream yet, but at the time she imagined having her beach and  she focused on what that felt like, it felt like her beach was real, she was ‘already there’ in her mind.  All those ‘feel good’ feelings are what pulls maggies dream towards her.  If Maggie practiced this exercise regularly, not only would it feel great and make her  happy, but  she would also start to see evidence of her dream manifesting itself in reality.

So, if you keep thinking about not getting what you want, or hating what you already have, you will be vibrating at a low frequency, and as a result, you won’t feel good.  As soon as you notice any uncomfortable feelings,  you can choose to think about what you do want instead. When you imagine having what you do want in your mind, you will start to feel positive feelings, and that’s where the power is. (To help you get a picture in your mind you could ask yourself a series of questions, just like in the example above). Feeling the wonderful feelings of having what you do want, brings the thing you want, towards you.

Why not practice  this for 5 mins everyday, for 21 days and see what you manifest; after all what have you got to lose?…only the stuff you don’t want!

Do let me know how you get on.

Speak soon…..