Sometimes, when things get tough, we can give up on our dreams.

Daily, we are challenged by our circumstances and it’s all too easy to make a decision that a relationship, a job, or a task is just too difficult to persevere with. Whilst the easy thing to do is to stop, there is a cost to ourselves, in the process.  Not having what we REALLY want impacts us on all sorts of levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The next time you give up on something ask yourself, what does that cost me?

Today, I invite you to think about what you REALLY want and how you are going to make that happen.  Being committed to the result, versus your feelings about wanting to do what it takes, is very powerful.

This week I spoke to Caroline Coxon a  freelance writer, and she told me about her experience of being stopped and then eventually realising one of her dreams. The interview lasts just under 15 minutes.  Click on the link below….
Caroline Coxon Interview

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Speak soon …….