It so often happens that men and women fall in love with each other and after the ‘honeymoon period’ is over, they begin to ‘fall out of love’ because their partner does something they don’t like.

When things don’t ‘go our way’, and we begin to feel uncomfortable about that, we can start to ‘try’ and change the other persons behaviour.  The trouble is that it isn’t possible to change someone else! The only person that can change your partners behaviour is your partner, and they have to want to do that.

Usually the things we don’t like to see in others are the things we don’t like to see in ourselves.  After a while our partner acts like a huge mirror reflecting back ourselves and when that happens it can be a REALLY CHALLENGING experience!

This is completely normal, we have to go through this stage to evolve.  It doesn’t have to be ‘my way or the highway!’ Rather than complaining about all the ‘bad’ relationships that have ‘failed’ in the past, it is useful to look at what we can learn about ourselves as a result of experiencing these encounters.

Some people get to a point in their lives where they recognise this. They realise there’s a pattern and as they are the one constant, it dawns on them that they are in some way responsible.

Instead of thinking everything happened ‘to you’, consider that everything happened ‘for you’, it’s much more empowering: after all those experiences, however painful, made you, ‘YOU’. Stop trying to change someone else and look at how you can learn from the other person through relating to them differently.  When you stop judging your partner and start being curious about who they really are, you can choose to interract differently.  Keep looking for a win/win, after all, you’re not a ‘done deal’,  you are constantly growing, expanding and  learning, just like they are.

Accept that it’s okay for your partner to have a different opinion and stop trying to change them: you don’t want someone to change you do you?

Acceptance gives you new choices.  If it’s time to move on from a relationship, thank the person for the lessons they have taught you, because those lessons have helped you  to grow and evolve.

So…..enjoy growing up!

What have you learned about yourself in relationships?

Speak soon….