Who Am I?

Julie Mann is an Advanced AAMET Practitioner EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Level 3, NLP Practitioner (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapist, and Life-Coach.

Julie Mann is particularly interested in the relationship people have to food and their body image.
“I spent years ‘yo-yo’ dieting” says Julie “and I feel passionate about supporting my clients to not only change their relationship to food, so that it’s a healthy, happy one, but also to transform their relationship to themselves,  so that they feel good about who they are”.

Having worked in the field of personal development since the early 90’s, Julie Mann is committed to making a difference with each client and group that she meets.
With a background in theatre, and over 10 years experience as a voice- over artist, Julie uses her voice to maximise the effectiveness of her sessions.

She is known in the Voice-over world as Julie Richmond.  To find out more about her voice-over work please visit her voice-over website www.julierichmond.co.uk.  Julie is currently represented by Harvey Voices.

Julie wrote and recorded  ‘You Can Lose Weight’ & ‘You Can Feel Confident’.

Julie has worked with a very varied client group, from all backgrounds and all ages.
Julie Mann has a Diploma in Life Coaching, is a member of National Council for Hypnotherapy, is on the  General Hypnotherapy Register. Julie is certified by AAMET.

Julie works from her comfortable practice room at home in Ringmer, East Sussex in the UK.  She also works at YogaHaven in Hove, East Sussex.  Julie runs Weigh Out Ltd with her business partner CiCi Collins, (specialising in transforming peoples relationship to food and to themselves).  for more information go to the website www.weighout.co.uk

My experience of smoking

“I used to be a 30 a day smoker.  I tried many times to give up cigarettes.  I’d stop for a day or two, sometimes weeks, and when I ‘gave in’ I’d feel like such a ‘failure’. I might have had one ‘puff’ on someone else’s cigarette or smoked a whole cigarette but I’d say to myself ‘well that’s it now I’m a smoker I might as well buy a packet and smoke the whole lot!”  I never considered that I could just recommit to being a ‘non-smoker’ again.  I discovered EFT and Hypnosis years later otherwise I would have been able to do it first time round.”

Julie Mann