No Fear No Stress

By | March 31st, 2010|EFT, Film, Stress/Fear/Anxiety|

Just think about those 4 words a moment.  No fear No Stress. Do you think that’s true? Well, take a look at your own life. Do you experience 'stress'? If you do, what particular situations do you find stressful? When you feel 'stressed', what do you think is the underlying emotion? If you feel irritated and frustrated when your children won't cooperate, you might think that the emotion is anger, but I suspect, if you looked underneath the anger, there would be some fear. I want you to try something now. I want you to jot down the answer to the following question, and as you do so, just keep on writing till you have run out of things to say. [...]

Do you find a million & one reasons not to exercise?

By | March 25th, 2010|EFT, Exercise, Film|

Even though we know that our bodies need to exercise, sometimes it can be the last thing on our mind. Then, when we do remember, we can spend our time feeling 'guilty' and 'justifying' why we didn't or 'couldn't' get round to it, or  even chastise ourself for being 'bad', 'hopeless, or for having 'no will power'! If you keep telling yourself you 'should' exercise it won't be much of a motivator for you. Tell yourself you 'could' and you give yourself freedom to choose to exercise or not. There are so many different ways to keep fit.  What's really useful is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy, because that way, you are more likely to set aside time [...]

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

By | March 24th, 2010|Confidence, EFT, Film|

Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a friend, an enemy or a complete stranger? No matter what other people say about us, if we don't like the way we look we can never be completely happy. The truth is that, like it or not, you do look, the way you look. If you can begin to accept the way you look, and start to get to like yourself, the mirror will reflect that back to you. So, if like me, you have ever struggled to come to terms with your reflection, take a look at this... Speak soon.....


By | March 21st, 2010|Film, Relationships|

Recently I was sent a wonderful film of a friendship that develops between a dog and an Orangutan. I love the way that both animals find a way of relating to each other that really serves them both. In a way, all relationships 'serve us', though at the time it may not be apparent!  Our 'enemies', or people we 'clash' with, can teach us some of our  biggest lessons, and in hindsight, be a real gift. For me,  a real friend is someone  who accepts me for who I am, and encourages me to grow and develop in a way that serves my higher good. I remember a song from years ago, that was written by James Taylor, called 'You've got [...]

You want something, go get it!

By | March 8th, 2010|Confidence, Film, Interviews|

Do you know what you really want?  Specifically? The more specific you can be about what you want, the more likely you are to get it. Your mind is very powerful indeed and it likes to give you what you think about.  If you don't believe me  take a look at your own life.  What is it that you constantly think about? Here's an example - If you are always thinking,  'there's never enough money', you will notice that, 'there's never enough money'. Unfortunately your mind cannot distinguish between the things you do want and the things you don't want.  All it can do is manifest your thoughts.  So what's really useful is to  'manage' your thoughts. Keep thinking about what [...]

Dealing with stress…..

By | February 24th, 2010|EFT, Film, Stress/Fear/Anxiety|

Are you .... working too hard? out of work? in a job you don't enjoy? feeling overwhelmed with family demands? struggling financially? up against deadlines unable to do everything in the time you have? worried about someone? dealing with health issues? finding you are always last on the list? Whatever 'Stresses' you have, feeling anxious and overwhelmed actually gets in the way of you completing your list of tasks, and more importantly affects your health and enjoyment of life.  Relating to life like it's a 'to do list' means you can miss out on the joy that is all around you (people, your children, nature). The truth is that no matter how hard you try you are not always going to get [...]


By | February 21st, 2010|Film, law of Attraction|

Sometimes life can seem like a 'struggle' and it can be difficult to see anything to be grateful for. We can be so 'stuck' in 'what's wrong' that we forget to acknowledge the stuff we do like! When my clients have a problem seeing the 'bigger picture' I recommend that they  practice a great little  exercise called 'panning for gold'.  Their job, just before they go to sleep, is to find 3 things that were good about their day: this could be anything from .. accomplishing a challenging task seeing a flower getting a smile from a stranger having a hug reading something inspiring watching the sunset listening to some great music What happens is that when they start to  look [...]

What will the next generation thank us for?

By | February 4th, 2010|Environment, Film, Relationships|

There is no doubt that we are where we are due to the efforts of past generations. I'm sure that if some of our ancestors were alive today they would be shocked at the way civilisation has changed. We have much to thank previous generations for, after all millions died so that we could be 'free': but what about the next generation, will they have much to thank us for? We don't have to 'suffer' in order to contribute to the next generation, on the contrary we can contribute by being joyful, peaceful and loving. There are lots of people who believe that they're separate from the rest of humanity, living in 'their own little world' but the reality is that [...]

Do you feel Validated?

By | February 1st, 2010|Changing Habits, Confidence, Film|

‘In psychology and human communication, validation is the reciprocated communication of respect which communicates that the other’s opinions are acknowledged, respected, heard, and (regardless whether or not the listener actually agrees with the content), they are being treated with genuine respect as a legitimate expression of their feelings, rather than marginalized or dismissed.’  Wikipedia If you don’t feel validated by other people perhaps it’s time to look at your behaviour…. Some of you may think that it’s got nothing to do with you and everything to do with everyone else! But what if it hasn’t? What if you were to consider that the ‘buck’  stops with you?  Just think about it. You see, people do what people do, (very profound I [...]

We can all make a difference

By | January 22nd, 2010|Environment, Film, Relationships|

I received a film today from a dear friend of mine. 'You Are The Light Of The World' is  all about making a difference. It's really easy for us to forget that each one of us can make a difference. Even the smallest thing, like a smile, can change someone's day.  A kind word in times of crisis can even change a persons life. Remember that you can make a difference where ever you are and who ever you are with, right now! The film is less than 5 mins long, so when you have some time, do sit down, watch it and enjoy. Speak soon ....

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