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People talk about 'getting over' the death of someone, but is that really possible? Accepting feelings of grief, as and when they appear, may be a far more powerful way to heal ourselves. Today  EFT Coach and Trainer, Penny Waite, talks to me about the death of her son Barney. Barney died  in 2005.  Penny talks about her experience of grief and the  importance of getting support. The interview is approximately 14 minutes long. Click here for the interview >>

When it comes to the death of your child, can time ever heal?

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They say that '9 out of 10 marriages fail after the death of a child'. Fiona Mclarty was happily married to her husband Imran.  She had a great job working with him at Landmark Education.  In 2002 her dreams were shattered. Today I talk to Fiona Mclarty about her experience of losing her son, and the impact on her relationship with Imran. Fiona really illustrates how it is possible for a couple to go through, what could be described as  'a parents worst nightmare' and come through it feeling healed. Do listen to this extraordinary interview.... Click here for interview >> Fiona has asked me to include a video of her friends Karen, Shane and Sierra. Like her baby boy, Sierra [...]


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