Justice, Peace, UFO’s & Alzheimer’s

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A few months ago, you may remember,  I interviewed Lynne Hazelden about the Cosmic Joke, and Planting Seeds for Peace. Lynne sent me a link to an  interview she did with Benjamin Creme.  Benjamin talks about Maitreya, a spiritual leader who is on earth right now, to teach us all how to live in peace.  Some people refer to Maitreya as the '2nd coming'. Here is a clip of Benjamin on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoHGRzKoHv8 Below is  Benjamin's remarkable interview with Lynne. I was struck by the way Benjamin spoke about this extraordinary subject in such a gentle, but matter of fact way; and I was truly inspired that even though Benjamin had no idea how he was going to begin telling [...]

Are Children ‘missing out’ by going to School?

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My daughter, now aged 12, has been at school since she was 5 years old. There was a time when I had a fleeting thought about home education. Without doing the research, I decided that I was not 'cut out' to home educate.  I now have several friends who educate their young children, and one of them recently wrote this article. Imrans words really touched me so I thought I would share this inspiring article with you... THE SCIENCE OF SOCIALISATION “Kids educated at home are brighter and more impressively human than institutionalized kids simply because they are allowed to learn free of bells, bogus experts, phony sequences, endless interventions and similar junk.” John Taylor Gatto, (Former New York State Teacher [...]

Teaching Children the Law of Attraction

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Today, my guest, Denny Hagel, co-author of "The Law of Attraction: The Next Generation",  writes about teaching your children the Law of Attraction. Denny is co-owner of Innovative Parenting LLC, home to the "Missing Secret to Parenting", a company dedicated to helping parents empower their children with an understanding of the law of attraction at work in their lives, thus providing them with the skills to live their best life! Millions of people worldwide not only have an awareness of the Universal Law of Attraction, but are actively implementing these principles into their lives to deliberately create what they truly desire. The latest phenomenon that is gathering great momentum is the desire of many of these same people, who are parents, wanting [...]


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