Good Posture can make you Happy!

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Isn't it good to know that we can do something about the way we feel, simply by changing our posture? Consultant psychologist Ingrid Collins believes there’s an intrinsic link between the body’s position and our ‘psychological posture’.  ‘At a cellular level, when happiness molecules — or endorphins — produced within the brain circulate in the blood, they send a signal to every cell that we’re happy and healthy,’ she says.  ‘If we arrange ourselves physically in a positive manner with the shoulders back, the spine straight and the chest open, it informs the brain to send out more endorphins, triggering a feeling we experience as happiness.’ I talked to  Chiropractor Dr Mike Cassidy Hogg about his thoughts on the matter.  Our [...]

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!

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Some people throw themselves into what they do, even if they're not quite sure how to do something. Elaine Foster Gandey, owner of Designer Sales UK , is one of those people. Do check out our interview, Elaine talks about the journey that led her to running her successful business and her passion for fashion. The interview lasts approximately 45 mins. Click here to play the interview Speak soon .....

What is a father’s job?

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'Lone parent', 'Single parent', whatever the label, it seems that one parent households are on the increase. 'The Office for National Statistics said children in the UK were three times more likely to live in one-parent households than they were in 1972.' BBC Today I talk to Hugh Sandie, about his experience of parenting his daughter Amelia, after he and his partners relationship broke down.  The interview is just under 12 minutes long. Click here for the interview However impossible it may seem, the reality is, that if parents want a great relationship with their children, it's important they work towards a good relationship with their ex partner.  It's not about liking your 'ex', or agreeing with them, but about finding [...]


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