What’s News?

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Yesterday's news is no longer today's chip paper: with the advance of technology we can see and hear the news time and time again.  In an effort to compete for readers and viewers it seems that the media is prepared to do almost anything, but what is the cost?  I talk to Life coach Graham Russell about 'news' and the impact on all of us, as we ask the question, is it time for an alternative? In Conversation: Julie Mann and Graham Russell from Graham Russell on Vimeo.

Is Attitude Everything?

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If you want your relationship or business to flourish, you need to have the attitude to match. Carolyn St John Loder runs a very successful company called Zest4Life.  Today I talk to her about the importance of having a positive attitude when it comes to business. You can find out more about Carolyn and Zest for Life by visiting the website http://www.zest4life.eu/ The interview lasts approx 12 minutes.  To listen, click on the 11 link below. 11 If you would like to feel more confident why not download my 'You Can Feel Confident' recording http://habitfixer.com/products-and-courses/ Speak soon......

Never give up!!

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Sometimes, when things get tough, we can give up on our dreams. Daily, we are challenged by our circumstances and it's all too easy to make a decision that a relationship, a job, or a task is just too difficult to persevere with. Whilst the easy thing to do is to stop, there is a cost to ourselves, in the process.  Not having what we REALLY want impacts us on all sorts of levels: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The next time you give up on something ask yourself, what does that cost me? Today, I invite you to think about what you REALLY want and how you are going to make that happen.  Being committed to the result, versus your feelings [...]

Justice, Peace, UFO’s & Alzheimer’s

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A few months ago, you may remember,  I interviewed Lynne Hazelden about the Cosmic Joke, and Planting Seeds for Peace. Lynne sent me a link to an  interview she did with Benjamin Creme.  Benjamin talks about Maitreya, a spiritual leader who is on earth right now, to teach us all how to live in peace.  Some people refer to Maitreya as the '2nd coming'. Here is a clip of Benjamin on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoHGRzKoHv8 Below is  Benjamin's remarkable interview with Lynne. I was struck by the way Benjamin spoke about this extraordinary subject in such a gentle, but matter of fact way; and I was truly inspired that even though Benjamin had no idea how he was going to begin telling [...]

NLP & the Law of Attraction

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NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Coaching ....there are so many techniques available  to help us change our habits, and attract the things we want, that  we can feel 'spoilt for choice'. Commitment is key to change.  Terry Elston, from NLP World, talks about the importance of conscious choices, commitment and 'completion'. The interview last about 12 mins. Click here for the interview >> Speak soon.....


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People talk about 'getting over' the death of someone, but is that really possible? Accepting feelings of grief, as and when they appear, may be a far more powerful way to heal ourselves. Today  EFT Coach and Trainer, Penny Waite, talks to me about the death of her son Barney. Barney died  in 2005.  Penny talks about her experience of grief and the  importance of getting support. The interview is approximately 14 minutes long. Click here for the interview >>

Does your Life need a ‘Clean Sweep’

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'Decluttering' is  a great way of getting things moving in our life.  Hanging on to objects, we no longer have a use for, can really keep us stuck.  If you are someone who 'hoards' or finds it difficult to locate something you need easily, then you may like to consider some personal 'spring cleaning'. Today I interviewed Life Coach, Graham Russell. Graham talks about his first experiences with a life coach, and how 'decluttering' physically and emotionally, can make space for something new to come into your life. Click here for the interview >> The interview lasts 12 minutes Do leave me any comments you might have about the interview or life coaching. Speak soon .....

When it comes to the death of your child, can time ever heal?

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They say that '9 out of 10 marriages fail after the death of a child'. Fiona Mclarty was happily married to her husband Imran.  She had a great job working with him at Landmark Education.  In 2002 her dreams were shattered. Today I talk to Fiona Mclarty about her experience of losing her son, and the impact on her relationship with Imran. Fiona really illustrates how it is possible for a couple to go through, what could be described as  'a parents worst nightmare' and come through it feeling healed. Do listen to this extraordinary interview.... Click here for interview >> Fiona has asked me to include a video of her friends Karen, Shane and Sierra. Like her baby boy, Sierra [...]

Peace in our Lifetime

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Is peace in our lifetime just a 'pipe dream'? Afterall, many great people have already tried and failed to end war on a global scale. Evidence from the past suggests that World peace is not possible, but what if it is? What if peace starts with the individual. What if it can start with you, right now? Yesterday, I listened to Blog Talk Radio, and Lynne Hazelden (author of The Cosmic Joke) was talking about the possibility of peace on our planet. Lynne believes it's important to celebrate the fact that 6.8 billion people did not kill anyone today!  She, and many others, are now 'planting seeds for peace'. Do check out this inspiring interview, (I haven't timed it but it's [...]

Drama in education…’to be or not to be’?

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Some people think that Drama lessons are a luxury, not really 'relevant', or not important enough to 'indulge' in.  Drama teacher, Mary Spink, sees things differently. I interviewed Mary, at school in East Sussex.  The interview is just over 1o mins long. Click here for the Interview I'd love to hear your comments, and any thoughts you have about the subject, so please do submit a word or two. Speak soon........


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