What can you celebrate today?

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It's the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend, the bunting is out and millions of people are preparing to celebrate.  It's such a great opportunity for communities to come together, work as a team and have a party. The truth is though that none of us have to wait to celebrate.  Everyday is an opportunity to celebrate being alive! Whatever is going on in your life, or in your body, it is possible to give thanks for something.  Some of you may not be in a great space right now physically or emotionally. If you are suffering in some way, you may  feel you have nothing to appreciate.  I encourage you to find something, even if you  have to dig really deep, because [...]

Affluence, Unboundedness & Abundance

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Deepak Chopra has written a book called Creating Affluence - The A to Z Guide to a Richer Life, and in the front of the book is written 'Affluence, unboundedness, and abundance are our natural state.  We just need to restore the memory of what we already know.' What are your thoughts about that? I know from past experience that when I have been anxious about not having enough money or work, more bills seemed to come in and work got  'thin on the ground'.  I also know that when I have chosen  to relax and  trust that work and money comes to me in abundance, that is what happens! So is it just a 'mind shift'?  I believe that focusing [...]

Make peace with Imperfection

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The other day I was in a charity shop searching for a particular book.  Although I didn't manage to find the book I wanted, I came across another book a friend had recommended years ago.  The book is called Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ..... and it's all Small Stuff,  by Richard Carlson.  I figured there was a reason why I had found this book so I decided to buy it. One of the things I sometimes hear myself thinking is 'I don't have is enough time'.  I even go as far as imagining that if I had more time my life could be 'perfect'. This is a common complaint but the reality is we all have the same 24 hours, [...]

Goals are dreams with deadlines….

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Some people don't like to think about goals or deadlines, but if you want to realise a dream having a plan is really useful. Have you been dreaming of doing or having something for years?  Is there something that you have longed for, but have given up all hope of getting? Anything is possible when you really want something.  Miracles can happen, they just require belief. If you don't believe you can have something then the chances are you won't have it. Think about one of your dreams for a moment. How much do you want your dream to come true?  Do you believe you can have your dream? You don't need to know how you're going to manifest your dream, you [...]

Inspired …

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I've just had an inspirational weekend in Oxford at an Arbonne conference.  One of the key speakers was Michael Clouse.  Michael said that in life what really counts is the way you think.  This of course I know to be true, but I really enjoyed listening to his slant on things. He talked about, philosophy, attitude, actions, results and lifestyle. Philosophy - everything you know and how you choose to believe that information. Attitude - what you think about all day. Actions - what  you actually do. Results - what you get from what you did. Lifestyle - What you are wanting to achieve.  A Lifestyle that works for you. If you have a lifestyle that works for you that's great, [...]

How can you get what you want?

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Are you fed up with not getting what you want? Do you keep getting what you don't want? If that sounds like you, then the chances are that the majority of your thoughts are about what you don't want. When we focus on what we don't like or don't want; for instance a lack of money, it causes a chain reaction. Here's a little example to illustrate my point. A tax bill comes through Maggie's door and as soon as she sees the envelope she has a negative thought. "Oh no...that's going to be bad news!" She opens the envelope with dread and looks at the amount she is due to pay: a whole stream of thoughts follow. "No, I can't [...]

NLP & the Law of Attraction

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NLP, Hypnosis, EFT, Coaching ....there are so many techniques available  to help us change our habits, and attract the things we want, that  we can feel 'spoilt for choice'. Commitment is key to change.  Terry Elston, from NLP World, talks about the importance of conscious choices, commitment and 'completion'. The interview last about 12 mins. Click here for the interview >> Speak soon.....

Teaching Children the Law of Attraction

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Today, my guest, Denny Hagel, co-author of "The Law of Attraction: The Next Generation",  writes about teaching your children the Law of Attraction. Denny is co-owner of Innovative Parenting LLC, home to the "Missing Secret to Parenting", a company dedicated to helping parents empower their children with an understanding of the law of attraction at work in their lives, thus providing them with the skills to live their best life! Millions of people worldwide not only have an awareness of the Universal Law of Attraction, but are actively implementing these principles into their lives to deliberately create what they truly desire. The latest phenomenon that is gathering great momentum is the desire of many of these same people, who are parents, wanting [...]


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Sometimes life can seem like a 'struggle' and it can be difficult to see anything to be grateful for. We can be so 'stuck' in 'what's wrong' that we forget to acknowledge the stuff we do like! When my clients have a problem seeing the 'bigger picture' I recommend that they  practice a great little  exercise called 'panning for gold'.  Their job, just before they go to sleep, is to find 3 things that were good about their day: this could be anything from .. accomplishing a challenging task seeing a flower getting a smile from a stranger having a hug reading something inspiring watching the sunset listening to some great music What happens is that when they start to  look [...]

Do affirmations really work?

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Some people say, “I don’t believe in affirmations” or “affirmations  don’t last”. Actually that’s not true.  We are in fact affirming things about ourselves all of the time.  Unfortunately most of the time what we’re affirming is negative, and goes on at an unconscious level. It starts something like this …. 1. Our conscious mind says,  “I want to give up smoking” Our inner mind answers back - “You’ve got no will power, you can’t give up smoking. Life’s too stressful to ‘give up’, what will you do to calm you down? Everyone knows it’s really difficult to give up; anyway you’ve got to have some ‘vice’. Imagine how unbearable it’ll be being around other smokers, you won’t fit in; they’ll [...]


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