The Habit Fixer Confidence Building Course
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Q:  Do you lack confidence in certain situations or with certain people?

Q:  Would you like to feel relaxed and confident in any situation?

There are many successful people who lack confidence in certain areas and this can really spoil their overall experience of life.

I have put together a series of emails over a 21 day period to support you in feeling confident.  There really is no ‘mystery’ surrounding confidence, it’s all about the way you choose to look at things.  Every day you will receive a email that contains practical steps for you to follow. By addressing the ‘whole’ you, that’s your body, mind and spirit and using techniques like NLP and EFT you can start to wake up to a confident future.

You may be thinking “that’s not possible, I could never be confident, not in 21 days anyway”  but I invite you to think about the impact of having that thought.  What does that thought cost you?……your self-esteem perhaps? connection with others? going for that great job? (you know the one you really want!)

This amazing mentoring course is yours to start today for only £21 that’s a £1 a day!
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I guarantee that if you participate fully over the 21 days you will feel different by the end of it, if not before!

Here’s to a confident you!

Julie Mann - The Habbit Fixer