So what is a habit?

According to the Oxford Dictionary it’s a ‘settled tendency or practice; a practice that is hard to give up’.

It’s only when we practice something a number of times that a habit is formed. We literally have to ‘learn’ it.  After a while these ‘practices’ literally become ‘automatic’ and thank goodness they do, otherwise we’d have to learn how to walk everyday!

Some habits are great, essential even, like walking, sleeping, cleaning our teeth, getting up when the alarm goes off etc.

Other habits may be regarded as ‘bad’, like Smoking for instance. Click here to see my Top Tips for Quitting Smoking For Good

If you are a smoker, remember that there was a time when you had never had a cigarette. Becoming a ‘smoker’ took a commitment. Even though you may have hated your first ‘drag’ on a cigarette, and may have thought the experience was ‘disgusting’ you decided to do it again. In fact you did it again, and again, until, you learned to be a ‘smoker’ and have a ‘nicotine habit’. The thing about getting ‘out of the habit’ is that it also takes commitment and ‘practice’.

The good news is, if you can learn a new habit you can also ‘unlearn’ it!  EFT & Hypnosis are perfect techniques for ‘unlearning’ or ‘reprogramming the mind’.

What is ‘reprogramming’ and why is that necessary?

Once a ‘habit’ is firmly established by the mind it’s a bit like a computer programme.  If you put the same software into your computer it will always do the same thing won’t it? It will give you the same results without fail, day in day out. In fact, you can rely on it to produce the same outcome indefinitely.

If you have a programme running in your mind that says ‘I’m a smoker’ part of you will want to keep on smoking, even if your ‘conscious mind’ wants to do something different!   Our subconscious mind is literally a ‘creature of habit’ and it needs to see the benefit of a new programme before it will let go of the old one.

The answer to ‘fixing’ those habits once and for all, is to work with your inner mind, that way you can develop a new ‘habit’, one that’s more empowering and serves you better.

So, relax ……… if you are really ready to change your habits you can, and unlike the dictionary definition, it does not have to be hard!