How do you manage your Anger?

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If you were not brought up to accept your anger and express it in a 'clean' way, you may see anger as 'bad' or 'negative'. CiCi Collins, Anger Management Consultant, talks about anger and why we need to embrace it. The interview lasts 12 minutes. Click here for the interview I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have about anger, or any feedback about this interview,  so please do leave a comment underneath this blog. Many thanks. Speak soon .....

Compassion & Empathy

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Sometimes it can be really challenging to have compassion for someone, who is angry or suffering. Being empathetic, and putting yourself in their shoes, can really take some practice too. I often talk about the importance of being able to identify our feelings, so that we can get to what's underneath. Conflict only arises when our needs are not being met. Here is a film of Marshall Rosenberg, talking about empathy, and his experience of dealing with conflict, using Non Violent Communication. (just under 10 minutes) This 2nd film is called The Charter for Compassion.  (2 mins)  I hope both these films will inspire you. Please do share them with others. Speak soon .......

Me and my shadows…

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Do you ever find that you behave differently with different people?  You may not have given this much thought before, but you probably do that because you feel more comfortable showing certain aspects of yourself to specific individuals. Obviously most of us prefer not to be 'judged', and although being 'judgemental' might be considered to be  part of the 'human condition', hiding certain aspects of our personality can be a great way of  avoiding the possibility of criticism. The problem is that over the years we can become so good at hiding these different aspects that we fool ourselves! Perhaps it's time now to turn the light on... Today I'm talking to Anger  Management Consultant, CiCi Collins, about our 'Shadows'. NB [...]


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