Searching for Happiness

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If you are searching for happiness, you may well find that happiness eludes you.  Happiness is not something that we find outside of ourselves. If you are expecting something or someone to 'make you happy'  you are going to be disappointed.  Being happy is a choice that we all have, whatever our circumstances, in any given moment. Back in 2005 there was an experiment in Slough in the UK, which was filmed by the BBC.  It was called 'Making Slough Happy'. Below is the Happiness Manifesto, which is taken from the project. The  10 simple steps outlined in the manifesto, can make a big difference.  Why not follow the manifesto and see for yourself how powerful these actions are?  Before you [...]

Waiting for life to begin?

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Today I popped in on a friend of mine, and during the course of our conversation, she showed me something written by Alfred D'Souza.  I thought I'd  share it with you, because I think it illustrates so beautifully, the importance of being in the present moment.  As long as we are 'on a mission' to get somewhere; focused only on the goal or outcome, we miss the 'here and now'. The truth is that being in the present moment is where the joy is; it's actually the only place where we can feel fully alive. People often talk about 'enjoying the journey', rather than focusing on the destination, and it's easy to hear the words and not really 'get' them. Right [...]

Listen to me!

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I don’t know about you, but when I am very upset about something, all I really want is for someone to listen to what I have to say.  I don’t want them to  ‘make everything alright’ like mum used to try and do (and I catch myself doing from time to time with my daughter). No, what really works for me, is to allow that part of me to be heard; even if I know it doesn’t really make logical sense! When a part of us feels like it is not being heard and acknowledged, it will want to get louder and louder, until someone does listen!  And if that upset part of us doesn’t get acknowledged, our inner mind may well [...]


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