We just love to be right …..

By | February 28th, 2010|Changing Habits|

“I told you that would happen didn’t I!” says Pam Dan gives her ‘one of those looks’ and says, “You just love to be right don’t you!” Pam: “No I don’t.” Dan:  “Oh yes you do.” Pam: “No I don’t!”. Dan:  “Well right now you want to be right about not 'loving to be right'!” Pam: “No I don’t.” Dan: “You wanna be right about me not being right then!” Pam:  “No I don’t!  Anyway, who’s trying to be right now!” By this time Dan isn’t even listening, “Well what about the time when you ……..” And so on ….. At this point, Pam decides to leave the room and distract herself with the cleaning.  Dan immediately switches on the television. [...]