Are Children ‘missing out’ by going to School?

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My daughter, now aged 12, has been at school since she was 5 years old. There was a time when I had a fleeting thought about home education. Without doing the research, I decided that I was not 'cut out' to home educate.  I now have several friends who educate their young children, and one of them recently wrote this article. Imrans words really touched me so I thought I would share this inspiring article with you... THE SCIENCE OF SOCIALISATION “Kids educated at home are brighter and more impressively human than institutionalized kids simply because they are allowed to learn free of bells, bogus experts, phony sequences, endless interventions and similar junk.” John Taylor Gatto, (Former New York State Teacher [...]

Drama in education…’to be or not to be’?

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Some people think that Drama lessons are a luxury, not really 'relevant', or not important enough to 'indulge' in.  Drama teacher, Mary Spink, sees things differently. I interviewed Mary, at school in East Sussex.  The interview is just over 1o mins long. Click here for the Interview I'd love to hear your comments, and any thoughts you have about the subject, so please do submit a word or two. Speak soon........

What is a father’s job?

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'Lone parent', 'Single parent', whatever the label, it seems that one parent households are on the increase. 'The Office for National Statistics said children in the UK were three times more likely to live in one-parent households than they were in 1972.' BBC Today I talk to Hugh Sandie, about his experience of parenting his daughter Amelia, after he and his partners relationship broke down.  The interview is just under 12 minutes long. Click here for the interview However impossible it may seem, the reality is, that if parents want a great relationship with their children, it's important they work towards a good relationship with their ex partner.  It's not about liking your 'ex', or agreeing with them, but about finding [...]


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