Still trying to change someone?

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It so often happens that men and women fall in love with each other and after the 'honeymoon period' is over, they begin to 'fall out of love' because their partner does something they don't like. When things don't 'go our way', and we begin to feel uncomfortable about that, we can start to 'try' and change the other persons behaviour.  The trouble is that it isn't possible to change someone else! The only person that can change your partners behaviour is your partner, and they have to want to do that. Usually the things we don't like to see in others are the things we don't like to see in ourselves.  After a while our partner acts like a huge [...]

Disappointed Valentine…

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How do you feel about Valentines day? Love it? Hate it? Not bothered? I remember feeling really excited about Valentines Day when I was a teenager,  but soon that excitement turned in to disappointment when  there was no post for me or  the card I got was from the ‘wrong person’! I remember how embarrassing it was telling my friends I hadn’t received one card, especially as that same postman had practically given  himself a hernia carrying cards to all of them!  It was clear to me that I just  wasn't 'pretty enough, intelligent enough, funny enough or good enough '......know what I mean?  in I went in to that familiar downward spiral If we use Valentines cards as a  measure [...]


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You may have noticed that I haven't blogged for 12 days now: or maybe like me..."you haven't had the time" to notice. I recently caught myself saying "I don't have time" and "I don't know how I'm going to find the time" to do something.  The reality is, we all have the same amount of time. Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, we all have 24 hours.  The only difference is the way we choose to spend it! When we can be 'in' the present moment, rather than thinking about the past or the future, time seems to change, moments become precious: same 24 hours; different way of 'being'. None of us actually know whether we will be here in [...]

What’s your Language of Love?

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We all have  different ways of expressing our love and when our partner does it differently it can lead to upset. Today I'm talking to Teresa Perez (from ChoiceRelationship) about the Language of Love and the Love Thermostat. To hear the interview click on this link   The Language of Love Interview lasts just under 15 mins Speak soon ......

Come on Cupid get it right!

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Photo taken from Viva Lewes magazine When it comes to 'finding love' do you leave it to Cupid and trust that the universe will find you the ‘perfect mate’ or do you search the internet, scour the ‘lonely hearts’ section and sign up for the next ‘speed dating event’? If you don’t have a partner yet it is very likely that you have already given some thought to the kind of person you would be interested in: you may even have a long list of requirements’!  Your  ‘Ideal partner’ list may not be public knowledge, it may just be stored in your head, but if you put it down on paper it may look something like this…. Must have …. Dark [...]


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