What do you do with your emotions?

Do you label some of them ‘good’ and some ‘bad’?

Are you an expert at distracting yourself? Facebook? Food? TV? Drink?

Most of us have some sort of strategy to avoid anything ‘unpleasant’.

The truth is though, that getting in touch with our feelings is vital, why? because when we know how we are feeling we can identify what it is that we need to do to make ourselves feel better.

It is highly unlikely that food for instance will make us feel better if we’re not actually hungry and as for spending hours on Facebook that is more likely to deplete our energy!

Our feelings are key to us being powerful and feeling good about who we are.

So what can you do when you don’t feel okay? …

Option 1. Check in with yourself and ask ‘how am I feeling’ and ‘what am I needing?’

E.g. feeling frightened? need reassurance? – How can you feel reassured?
Could that involve asking for reassurance from a particular person, having a hug, or is it telling yourself that you are okay and that it is normal to feel the way you feel?

Option 2. Notice that you don’t like the way you are feeling (which is you vibrating at a low frequency) and focus on something that raises your vibration (high frequency = feeling great).

What would that be for you? Taking a walk? stroking the dog?

Feelings are transient, they come and go….that is if you don’t resist them!

‘what we resist persists’ so the most important thing is to allow yourself to acknowledge and accept the feeling, or low vibration, in the first place.

Acceptance of ‘what is’ can be one of the most challenging things in life but it is necessary for self-growth. If we try to stop a river flowing, it’ll just find some other route to take.

Most of us were told when we were children that it was not okay to have our feelings so naturally over the years we have become experts at masking them. Is it time to grow up and embrace your feelings and become emotionally intelligent? Truly healthy adults accept their feelings and work with them.

Speak soon….