Deepak Chopra has written a book called Creating Affluence – The A to Z Guide to a Richer Life.  I read 5 pages of it daily.

In the front of the book he’s written, ‘Affluence, unboundedness, and abundance are our natural state.  We just need to restore the memory of what we already know.’

What are your thoughts about that?

I know from past experience, that when I have been anxious about not having enough money or work, even more bills seemed to come in, and work got very  ‘thin on the ground’.  I also know that when I have chosen  to relax and trust that work and money comes to me effortlessly, that’s exactly what’s happened!

So is it just a shift in thinking?  No it isn’t. I believe that focusing on what you want (instead of what you don’t want) brings you more of what you want, but it isn’t the whole picture.  The full picture requires us taking some action too.  Yes, you have to do something!  So if you’re sitting back waiting for something to happen, or expecting everything to just land in your lap, you may be waiting for a very long time.

If you want to have an abundance of money, I suggest you ask yourself

“What difference will having an abundance of money make to me?  What difference will me having money make to other people, and to the world?  What can I do with this money? Who can I help?”

Wanting money for the sake of it, will not bring it to you.  Why?  because experiencing the feeling of having it is a vital piece of the process.

Be specific.  How much money  are you talking about?

Then you need to practice seeing the evidence of that money in your mind before you actually have it, you need to imagine having the money as if it actually already exists for you, way before it’s materialised.

It might be that you practice visualising a cheque written out to you, with the exact amount you want to manifest.  Whatever you picture, make sure it’s something that really excites you, you will need to feel that excitement at the same time.

I totally get that this may be so far from the truth that this is a big challenge, but perservere and keep seeing what you want (no matter what your reality is now), otherwise your desire will continue to be just a ‘wish’.

Visualise the evidence several times a day, and feel all the wonderful feelings of having that outcome NOW.  Imagine different scenarios involving your new abundant life.  Imagine it ‘as if’ your life is abundant RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT.  Imagine the perfect outcome, over and over again, enjoy it, then take the necessary actions to make it happen, and you will see your circumstances start to change.

Having true wealth, is about having every single area of your life working the way you want it to; your relationships, your health, your career etc,  all of it.

See everything in your life working perfectly, repeatedly.  Enjoy seeing yourself having a wonderful life and experience just how good it feels to do it.

Your imagination is boundless, there are so many different scenarios you could imagine (infinite possibilities actually) so allow yourself to dream,

If you have never done this before, why not try it for a week and see what happens?  I’d love to hear your experiences, so please do leave a comment.

Here’s to your abundance!  Speak soon …..