When we blame others WE are the ones that suffer.

Whatever someone has done, no matter how awful it was, blaming someone else, only keeps us stuck in the past.

Things happen in life.  People make mistakes or bad choices, and behave in ways that may be considered irresponsible or unacceptable to others.  We cannot change the past, or undo anything that happened yesterday, but what we can do, is take responsibility for our own feelings and behaviour, in the present moment.

If you are blaming someone for something, ask yourself how hanging on to this grievance makes you feel? Sometimes it’s easier to blame someone else rather than deal with our own pain.  It may be easier to feel angry than to feel deeper feelings of sadness, grief, hurt or shame.

If you are hanging on to blame, why not consider it may be time to let it go.

Once you have let go you can get on with enjoying your life!

Could you benefit from letting go of blame?  Do leave a comment.

Speak soon ….