Are you one of those people who are always busy looking after others?

Do you put yourself last?

Do you find yourself  trying to ‘rescue’ a person or a situation, or trying to make sure everyone else is happy?

If you are, I’d like you to consider that YOU are important and that when you can find ways of getting what you need, and being happy, it’s a gift for others.  I am not talking about lacking compassion for people and circumstances, I’m talking about getting out of the habit of trying to ‘save’ or ‘fix’ others and neglecting number one!

When we don’t take care of ourselves, this can lead to ‘burn out’ and feelings of resentment, but not only that,  this behaviour doesn’t give others the opportunity to  take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

People who are happy with themselves, are great company aren’t they?  They are so much fun to be around. I’m not talking about people who are  arrogant here, but people who can be who they are.  There are so many people who do not want to accept themselves: crazy really, because right now, we are who we are!  You are YOU aren’t you?!!

When we practice self-acceptance we have the freedom to choose to take different actions and behave differently, not because there’s ‘something wrong with us’, but because we want to make different choices so that we have different experiences.

Self-acceptance takes practice, it starts with a willingness to ongoingly accept who we are, no matter what other people might think.

So, what are you going to choose to do today that will nourish you and make you happy. Although most of us assume we have years of life left, the reality is none of us know. Act now. Do yourself, and everyone else a favour and make yourself happy!  No one likes a Martyr!

Here is an exercise you can do to begin to accept your physical appearance.  I recorded this about 11 years ago so it’s interesting to see the changes in myself (more wrinkles of course! but I am so much more comfortable in my own skin than I was then).  Do take a look. I’d love your thoughts after watching it so please do leave a comment.

Speak soon……