Do you spend your time trying to ‘rescue’ situations, or people?  Do you  ‘steam in’ sometimes, without really thinking about the consequences?

A friend of mine, read me an extract from a book she was reading, and I was left with a powerful visual image.

Some of you may not be familiar with the Lone Ranger; a character from the fifties, who wore a mask and rode on horse back, ‘saving the day’; so  here  is the Lone Ranger in action.

I haven’t  seen any Lone Ranger footage for years, but watching that clip, I can really see just how frantic his behaviour was. Of course good had to triumph over evil, but if we were to behave like that today, it would be completely inappropriate.

Here is the book extract, my friend shared with me.

‘Give us a situation we don’t like, and, depending on our nature, we do one of two things: we throw up our hands in frustrated resignation, bowing down to accept our fate, or we leap on our big white horse, as the Lone Ranger used to do, and gallop blindfolded (rather than masked) down the trail bellowing, “Hi Ho Silver, Awayyyyyy” to frantically search for some heroic action to overcome the dastardly injustice befallen us.  Either way, all we’re doing is blowing up bigger what we’d like to blow out of our reality.

So let’s take a look at this Action business.  I call it Frantic Action, the Hi-Ho Silver syndrome, the need to do-do-do in order to fix-fix-fix.  It’s any type pf activity we take with a closed valve.

Most of the world will agree that it’s only through “doing” that all things happen.  Give us a problem, and we Hi Ho Silver into Frantic Action, looking for ways to sell more, earn more, accomplish more to fix it, fix it, fix it.  Yet deliberate creating is about flowing energy to attract, not about trying to push rivers upstream, which is Hi Ho Silvering.

Hi Ho Silvering never works. You just can’t muscle into anyone else’s world unless you’ve been vibrationally invited, any more than anyone can intrude on your world unless you’ve sent out the vibrational invitation.  You can not bulldoze something into place and get the results you truly want, no matter how hard you push and shove.’  (Taken from, ‘Excuse me your Life is waiting’ Lynn Grabhorn)

The answer is not to stop ‘doing’ things, but to do things from a different perspective; from a place of creativity,inspiration,enthusiasm. That way, we can be grounded in the present moment, and experience a sense of joy and happiness when we are doing something.

So, next time you catch yourself on ‘automatic’,  do think about the Lone Ranger won’t you!

Do you wade in and try to fix a situation?  Do leave a comment.

Speak soon …