Most of us have said or done things, that on reflection, we wish we’d rather not have done, but hanging on to regret, is such a waste of our time and energy, and stops us from living in the present moment.  Are you holding on to regret right now, wishing that you could go back and rewrite the past?

We all know that we can’t change the past, but that doesn’t stop our mind going over and over the memory, and imagining alternative scenarios.

If you are hanging on to regret why not ask yourself this question, ‘what was it that I needed and didn’t get at the time?’

e.g. understanding/support/security/justice/honesty

Consider that it’s time now to take responsibility for your words and actions.  Why? because when you take responsibility for what you did, you can restore your power.

If you are hanging on to regret, consider that you are getting something out of it

e.g. being right/blaming others/avoiding uncomfortable feelings

It’s never too late to say you’re sorry or to forgive someone. Forgiving someone does not condone what they did, it releases YOU from the past.

If you want to put the juice back in your life, focus on living in the present moment.  Is it time to release yourself?  I’d love to hear your comments.

Speak soon…..