Do you take the time to listen to your heart?

Trusting our thoughts and emotions may not lead us to make decisions that really serve us. Most of our thoughts are based on our past experiences, and our emotions are connected to those thoughts.  Our thoughts can really limit us, because we often make new decisions based on things not ‘working out’ in the past, and there is a fear of repeating history. For example, every time we look at being in a new relationship, what’s right there, may be thoughts and feelings about all the other relationships we’ve had in the past. If it’s a first relationship, there may be inherited thoughts, or generalisations, based on other peoples experiences; such as, ‘relationships never last’, ‘you can’t trust men’, ‘women want to control you’, and so on.

Instead of listening to your mind, or your feelings, listen to your intuition and look into your heart.

Ask your heart  ‘what do I really want’?  If you spend some time just tuning in to your heart, you will become aware of your own truth.

I saw this film recently and was moved by the sound of Jodi Nelmes voice, so I thought I’d like to share it with you.

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