Last week a great friend of mine treated me to a Life Alinement session.  At the end of the session, the therapist played some music, and as I listened to it, I felt really touched by the beauty of the singers voice.  I asked the therapist if she could give me the name of the singer so that I could find the music and purchase it myself. I left wondering how and when I was going to be able to find the music.

The following day I was talking to another friend, and I told her about Lucinda Drayton’s song. “I’ve got it”, she said, “it’s on youtube”. Within minutes I had downloaded One hundred Thousand Angels. Amazing isn’t it, that when we  really want something, the Universe conspires to make that possible!

Music is incredibly powerful, because it can transport us back into the past, or take us to whole new realms; and when it does, there will be a feeling or feelings that we experience.  It doesn’t  matter how many times we listen to a particular piece of music, (as long as there is nothing else that distracts us and changes our state), we will experience the same feelings every time.  This is really useful. If we want to feel calm, we can just find a suitable piece of music that puts us in a calm state. Want to feel energised/happy/confident/powerful? then just select something that puts you in to that state….easy isn’t it!

Do you believe in angels? Do have a listen and let me know what you think of One Hundred thousand Angels.

Speak soon ….