The truth is though that none of us have to wait for something specific to be able to celebrate.  Everyday is an opportunity to celebrate being alive!

Whatever is going on in your life, or in your body, it is possible to give thanks for something.  Some of you may not be in a great space right now, physically or emotionally. If you are suffering in some way, you may well feel that you have nothing to celebrate.  I encourage you tough, to find something to appreciate, (even if you have to dig really deep) because when you can find something to say thank you for,  (however small) you will begin to feel better.

Why is being grateful so important?  What’s the point?

In giving thanks, we experience good feelings, and feeling good then attracts more ‘good things’.  Have you ever noticed in the past, that when you’ve woken up feeling good, you have a really great day? Somehow, everything just seems to fall in to place doesn’t it? This is no accident, this is the ‘Law of Attraction’ working.

I invite you to take a few moments to be grateful.  If you don’t feel great at the moment, you could start with the basics.  e.g be grateful for

Trees for providing us with oxygen

Rain for providing us with water

Having eye’s to see the beauty of the world

Having ears to hear music

Having a heart that  pumps  the blood around our bodies and keep us alive

Having a car that enables us to travel distance in a short space of time

the list is endless

If you’re used to focusing on the things that you don’t like,  you will be aware that very little that you do like, happens in your life.  This is because you attract what you think about.  If you are in the habit of focusing on what you don’t want, I recommend that you develop a new habit. Get in to the habit of thinking about what you do want instead.

Developing any new habit takes practice, so be prepared to practice daily.  Why practice? because it feels good.

Each morning spend a few moments thinking about what you’re grateful for.  Each evening review the day and remember 3 things that were great about the day

Perhaps it was a smile from a stranger, finishing a task, learning something new, that cup of tea someone made you or listening to your cat purr.

There is ALWAYS an opportunity to be grateful.

Right now I am grateful for

my fingers that are able to type this

you for reading my words

for the opportunity I have to make a difference to people

Thank you for taking time to read this, I really appreciate your time.

I’d love to hear what you have to be thankful for  so please leave a comment and enjoy celebrating today and everyday.

Speak soon ………