How do you feel about Valentines day? Love it? Hate it? Not bothered?

I remember feeling really excited about Valentines Day when I was a teenager,  but soon that excitement turned in to disappointment, when  there was no post for me (or  the card I got was from the ‘wrong person’)! I remember how embarrassing it was telling my friends I hadn’t received one card, especially as that same postman had practically given  himself a hernia carrying cards to all of them!  It was clear to me that I just  wasn’t ‘pretty enough, intelligent enough, funny enough, or good enough ‘……know what I mean?  in I went in to that familiar downward spiral

If we use Valentines cards as a  measure of how lovable we are then we can easily feel unloved and forgotten if we don’t receive any, and when  we use  other people to measure our ‘worth’, we can feel on ‘cloud 9’ one minute, and crash down to earth the next, at the smallest comment.  In reality though, who is it that’s actually making us feel ‘unloved’?  That’s right, it’s us isn’t it?

If you feel unloved it means you’re not loving yourself.  I know it can be challenging to love ourselves, but when we begin to open up to loving ourselves, not only do we start to feel really happy, but we start attracting relationships that are much more loving too.

The great thing about ‘love’ is that not only does it feel wonderful, but it’s a verb.

I love

You love

He/She loves

We love

They love

Love is active, a doing word (some might say a ‘being’ word). You can choose to feel love anytime, any place, anywhere (you don’t need James Bond or a Martini)! All you have to do is just tune in to something you love, in order to feel love, and if you feel love, you will feel ‘loved’  ….loved by you!

Why not try it now …..  Just think about someone or something you love……a partner, a child, a painting, a pet, a sunset….. Close your eyes and picture the person, or thing that you love …… see the colours, hear any sounds, notice any smells and tune in to your feelings.  When you experience feelings of love, turn those feelings up to the maximum. You can then open your eyes and enjoy your loving  feelings.  It really is that simple.  Practice doing this regularly ….. why? because love, attracts love…… the more you feel love the more love you will receive, just like a magnet and when it comes to love… knows no limits!

Practice that ‘loving feeling’ today and do let me know how you get on by leaving a comment.

Speak soon …..