Are you ….

working too hard?

out of work?

in a job you don’t enjoy?

feeling overwhelmed with family demands?

struggling financially?

up against deadlines

unable to do everything in the time you have?

worried about someone?

dealing with health issues?

finding you are always last on the list?

Whatever stress you have, feeling anxious and overwhelmed actually gets in the way of you completing your list of tasks, and more importantly affects your health and enjoyment of life.  Relating to life like it’s a ‘to do list’ means you can miss out on the joy that is all around you (people, your children, nature). The truth is that no matter how hard you try you are not always going to get everything done.  When you can accept that, you can start to relax and get present to the things you are doing, which also means you’re going to be more effective!  Being ‘in the moment’ will make you feel like you’re a human being rather than a robot!

So, how do you go about changing your stress levels?

1.  The first thing you can do is to use a simple tapping technique called EFT to relax you.  Check out my film below (you can find out more about EFT on my website).

2.  Once you are relaxed you will be able to  relate to what you are doing differently.

3.  You  may choose to make some small/big changes to your life (e.g. asking colleagues/friends/family for help or doing something for yourself every week).

If  we continue do the same thing we’ll always get the same result, but when we ‘do different’ we ‘get different’.

The video below is years old, but in it, I demonstrate how to use EFT (a simple tapping technique). So why not do yourself a favour and find 5 minutes to sit down, watch the film and tap along?  After all Life’s far too short not to enjoy it!

Speak soon …..