Fitting in and bowing to peer pressure can come from a fear of being judged or ostracised from a group. After all, it can be unpleasant when someone 

criticises us

laughs at us

talks to us in a disapproving tone

or gives us one of those looks (you know the one I mean!)

I remember wanting to fit in at school but I wasn’t a particularly popular child. I had friends, but we definitely weren’t the ‘cool gang’!!  

Unlike my twin brother, I didn’t particularly enjoy school, but I absolutely loved my English and Drama teacher.   Ms Hitch saw I had a spark of talent when it came to drama, and she encouraged me to explore that. I felt ‘at home’ at last! Yes, I ‘belonged’.  In this imaginary World I could be someone else and fit in to a fascinating story, I was hooked!

I am forever thankful to Ms Hitch because her faith in me led to me joining the Redruth Amateur Dramatic Society, going off to the Welsh College of Music and Drama in the late 70’s and then working as a professional actor (including Repertory Theatres and London’s National Theatre,  BBC TV and Radio).

Although, I am proud of my professional career, LIFE IS NOT ABOUT ACTING!  Pretending to be someone else doesn’t work for 2 reasons.

  1. Other people don’t like it because we tend to build relationships with people we ‘know like and trust’
  1. It chips away at our self worth and self esteem which are  essential for happiness, and it can make us feel empty inside and like our spirit has been squashed.

When I became conscious of my behaviour and realised that the best part I could ever have, was a part in my REAL LIFE, I began to learn how to love myself, accept the parts of me I didn’t like and find ways to nourish myself and make myself happy.

The journey of being ‘unapologetically me’ involves me taking responsibility daily for my thoughts, actions and behaviour.  It  means approving of myself regardless of what others might think and loving myself, body, mind and skin!

if you feel it’s time now to love yourself too

why not reach out and have a chat about how I might support you

Who was your favourite teacher or the person that believed in you?