Do you LOVE or HATE Christmas?

Like it or not Christmas is coming…. the question is are you going to enjoy the build up and beyond, or are you going to be running round like a headless turkey, trying to get everything ‘perfect’ and end up ‘stuffing’ yourself?? 

I find it useful to think about how I’d like Christmas to FEEL and then create an intention for the festive period. e.g ‘Christmas is JOYFUL & FUN!’ I then ask myself “What do I need to do in order for that to be a reality?”

Even with an intention, it’s possible that there may be times  when  it’s definitely NOT ‘joyful and fun!’!!.  People are people after all, and stuff happens, so when it does, you’ll need to remind yourself to find ways to feel the feelings again.  If you enrol your family and/or guests in your intention before Christmas it really helps.  You can ask each of them, “If you  were to experience Christmas as ‘joyful and fun’ what would be happening?” Be open to what they have to say.

Here some other suggestions you might find useful –

?Focus on what you CAN do, rather than what you can’t

?Make a list of priorities and make it simple

⭐️Do ONE thing at a time

?Have a budget and stick to it

?Ask friends and colleges for ideas and get creative

⭐️Get the family involved so they feel part of festivities too and share the load

?Delegate wherever possible and let go of your attachment to ‘getting it right’  there is no ‘right’, Christmas will be the way it will be. Decide to enjoy it anyway

?‍?Make the preparations fun

⭐️Say NO when you need to

?If you’re dreading seeing certain people, keep looking for what you do like about them rather than what you don’t!

?Take time to relax daily and practice self care (no one likes a martyr!)

•• After all, if this was your last Christmas on the planet would any of those things really matter?

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When it comes to tinsel there’s no need to get yours in a tangle!

Speak soon …..