‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently’  Henry Ford

I was looking at a picture that was taken over 25 years ago when my daughter Katie was just an adorable little baby.  Although she’s still adorable, she’s had to do alot of failing to become the extraordinary women she is now.  

The truth is that although you may choose to ‘play it safe’ and have a fear failure now, once upon a time ‘failure’ was not even a word you understood.

When you were a baby you didn’t let fear of failure or looking stupid stop you from learning to feed yourself or walk or talk did you? Then one day something happened and you didn’t get the outcome you wanted.  Maybe someone said something about you not ‘succeeding’ and you didn’t like the feelings you had as a result. From that moment on you’d got some evidence that ‘failure = feeling bad’ and as the years slipped by, you continued to gather yet more evidence that failing was not a welcome option. 

There is no way any of us can ‘succeed’ (whatever that means) or become good at something without being bad, or mediocre at something in the beginning. Rather than giving ourselves a pat on the back for continuing to ‘keep at it’ (like we would a small child learning to walk) we too often give ourselves a hard time instead of just learning the valuable lessons that are available in persevering.  

We all experience some failure in life,  it’s inevitable, but I think giving up on something we said we wanted, can really chip away at our self esteem.  “What do you think? 

So if you’ve given up on 

a healthy eating plan,

taking care of your mental health

stopping smoking or drinking

starting a business

going travelling

asking someone out

going for a promotion

or something else that would make you happy

consider if you don’t at least take a risk you’ve in some way failed anyway. 

Life is too short to have regrets. 

So what important thing have you been putting off doing because you’re scared?  Are you willing to risk failing at it until you succeed?