Do you believe you have a soulmate? Are you looking for your perfect partner but struggling to find them?
Do you believe in soulmates? Are waiting to find yours?

According to a poll 73% of Americans believe in soulmates. 74% of men believe that they are destined to find their one, true soulmate, whereas only 71% of women do.
As for people younger than 45 as many as 79% believe in soulmates, while only 69% of those over 45 do.

Are you…
♦ single against your will and tired of looking for the One
♦ dejected because this is not how you imagined your (love) life at this age
♦ on some level struggling with self-doubt, shame or low self-esteem, thinking “I’m not good enough or too old/ unattractive/ messed up/…” for anyone to want me
♦ struggling with moments of loneliness and sadness because there is no special someone you really sees and cherishes you
♦ finding it hard to trust men, to open up and let someone in
♦ too busy to date
♦ living on autopilot in one or more areas of life, but not feeling fully alive and joyful
♦ frustrated with waiting and hoping, disillusioned after breakups and heartbreak?

Sibylle Ansley is a Dating and Relationship Coach. She works with women over 40 who want to experience self empowerment, find true love and build on that relationship. Sibylle teaches women in midlife to learn to date with their head, heart & soul to attract a true partner for a lasting, value-based relationship ?

After a few months of Sibylle working with a relationship coach herself she started to date with confidence, joy and skill and meeting her soul mate Michael became inevitable. 
Sibylle states that relationship success is learnable – at any age! 

If you would like to be in a relationship with your soul mate this video is for you!

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