Consuming Consciously simply means to engage in the economy with more awareness of how your choices impact the environment and society as a whole. As a conscious consumer, every purchase reflects your core values and is an opportunity to vote for the world you want to see.

The World I want to live in right now and the World I want to leave behind long after my death, is one that is flourishing.  

Over 10 years ago I decided to be mindful of the products I was buying.  I no longer wanted to use products tested on animals, that were harming the planet and were so full of chemicals that they were damaging my health too.

You see the thing is, what you put on your skin goes in, and when it eventually ‘comes out’, not only has it had an impact on your health but the health of the World at large.

My daughter Katie has become a Dive Master and is currently in Honduras doing some Conservation work.

If we don’t change our consumer habits now we will leave behind more devastation for our children to deal with.

Do you think that’s fair?  I’d love to know your thoughts about it.

If like me you want to make a simple change, become a conscious consumer now.

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Here’s to a Flourishing Planet!