Life isn’t always great

Sometimes we just lose our mojo! 

When we do lose our zest for life, it’s all the more important to treat ourselves kindly.

If you don’t feel inspired right now that’s okay.  It’s important to acknowledge how you’re feeling rather than distract yourself with the nearest shiny thing.

Being with our feelings is really important, even when it’s uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable feelings are great indicators, because they indicate that we have a need that’s not being met.

Of course being able to be with difficult feelings takes practice because; our mind is a master at bypassing the difficult stuff, have you noticed? 

When we can drop down in to our body and just be with the feeling (rather than getting stuck in our head and having a conversation about the feeling) we can ask ourself the question, “what do I need right now?” When we meet that need the feeling will pass through.  Sometimes just being with the feeling is all we need to do.

Welcome your feelings, you have feelings for a reason, embrace them

Ever lost your mojo?  What did you do to reconnect with yourself and what inspires you?

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