Do you Embrace your age?

Are you happy with your wrinkles or have you become fixated daily, noticing every line and age spot?

Perhaps you love your aging self and feel incredibly grateful because it means you’ve lived a life long enough to experience it.

Or are you someone who oscillates between those two states?

If I’m completely honest, most of the time I am proud that right now I’m aged 66. But then at other times I get caught up in society’s ageist conversations. How about you?

I’ve had comments like, ”You’re a very attractive woman for your age!’
And “well you’re not as young as you used to be”.
I mean how ridiculous is that, of course I’m not as young as I used to be!!

Have you experienced comments like that? Do you experience ‘ageism’ at work?

We’re bombarded with advertising and social media that says we need to ‘anti age’, aren’t we? On a daily basis we’re surrounded constantly by airbrushed flawless images, and although things are changing, it can be challenging not to get caught up in ‘comparing’.

I am a believer in ‘you doing you’. If you want cosmetic procedures go for it.
Personally, although I have times when I’m confronted with my disappearing youth, I also want to age well naturally.

When it comes to Ageing well, I choose to do it in 2 ways with Self-Love & Self-Care.

Self-Love is very much about growing my mind and keeping it healthy. The way I think and my inner dialogue (self talk) influences the way I feel, the actions I take and my overall behaviour.

To nourish my mind, I read, listen to and watch uplifting inspiring, material. I meditate, use affirmations, practice gratitude and practice French daily.

Self-Care is about taking care of my body and skin.

To take care of myself, I nourish my gut, exercise regularly and eat well at least 80% of the time. I use cutting edge, clean products too (which I also recommend to others) so that I can look and feel my best from the outside in and the inside out.

I want to be Healthy and Happy for the rest of my life. Don’t you?

Do you just say you want to be healthy and happy or do you actually have a plan?
In other words, are your current habits healthy and do your habits make you feel happy?

If the answer is no, and you’re waiting for the ‘right time’ to make a change, STOP waiting, because the right time is always NOW, even if it feels scary. It’s normal to feel a little scared of doing something new or different.

So, before you change your mind, reach out and book a complimentary Discovery call with me. I can help you.

Seriously …… change doesn’t have to be painful; often a few little tweaks is all it takes to see a BIG change. Besides, most people say that working with me is fun.

Are you ready to feel Happy and Healthy now? Go on……click on this link

Here’s to your Health and Happiness!