Julie Mann

Meet the Habit Fixer

Hello Im Julie

I help people live healthy, happy, sustainable lives by changing their habits and using products to help them age well.

I started working as an accredited hypnotherapist back in 2005, then a year or so later, trained as a life coach and EFT practitioner.  

I grew up in Cornwall in the late fifties, when nobody talked about the environment, but I knew I always wanted to be kind to the planet and help others. 

Becoming a brand ambassador with the B corp Arbonne, and being able to help people with their health inside and out (body mind and skin) with cutting edge products has enabled me to do just that.  

One of my other passions is acting. Ive been doing it for over 40 years now.  My work includes touring theatres, working at Londons National Theatre, BBC Schools Radio, being the voice of Ikea, and voicing characters for a CBBC animation Funky Fables.

When my daughter Katie came along (on my 40th birthday!) I decided to work nearer to home in Lewes, and switched to Improvising and working as a role-player. 

I feel so blessed to do what I do, and everyday Im grateful that I decided to change my habits, step out of my comfort zone and live a healthy, happy life that’s sustainable.