How would more money every month change your life?

I was in my mid 50’s when my husband asked for a divorce. Not only was it devastating news, but I realised very quickly, that I needed another source of income fast! I had no savings, and worse still, no pension!. Whatever I ended up doing, it was essential that it aligned with my values, was flexible enough to fit around my clients and acting work, gave me the potential to create a legacy, and was fun!

Like any business there are no guarantees of success or earnings, but with a good work ethic, a willingness to learn and grow, anything is possible! I absolutely love running my own business whilst being part of a fabulous growing global team.

I had no idea when my friend Alex reached out to me, and asked me to take a peek, that because of Arbonne, I’d be happier, healthier, make friends for life, and best of all, become the person I’ve always wanted to be! Could you benefit from extra money? Would you like to grow in to your ‘best self’?

Why not check out the video below and send me a message I’ll be happy to tell you more and show you how I can help you, every step of the way.

What I do might not be for you, but who know’s, it could be perfect!

Arbonne Opportunity Video