Obesity….what is the answer?

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As the number of obese people in the World continues to grow, we need to start to deal with the obesity problem effectively. More and more people are resorting to drastic measures in an attempt to resolve their weight gain. Gastric bands are becoming more widely available, but does it really get to the heart of the matter? Working as I do, with individuals and groups of people who have issues around their weight and body image, I believe that taking drastic measures and opting for surgery, doesn’t really deal with the underlying issues. It’s true that a lot of people lose a large amount of weight after surgery and are able to adapt their eating habits, but others struggle.  Some, [...]

40 reasons why diets fail

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‘For decades, companies have been selling “slim” – and Americans have been eating it up.  As CBS News correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports, ‘Americans spend about $35 billion a year on weight-loss products.’ Yes, ‘diets’ are big business, ‘Yo-Yo dieters’ go from one diet to the next, hoping that ‘this one will be the answer’. So why are ‘diets’ so difficult to stick to? […]


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