Disappointed Valentine…

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How do you feel about Valentines day? Love it? Hate it? Not bothered? I remember feeling really excited about Valentines Day when I was a teenager,  but soon that excitement turned in to disappointment when  there was no post for me or  the card I got was from the ‘wrong person’! I remember how embarrassing it was telling my friends I hadn’t received one card, especially as that same postman had practically given  himself a hernia carrying cards to all of them!  It was clear to me that I just  wasn't 'pretty enough, intelligent enough, funny enough or good enough '......know what I mean?  in I went in to that familiar downward spiral If we use Valentines cards as a  measure [...]

Is Attitude Everything?

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If you want your relationship or business to flourish, you need to have the attitude to match. Carolyn St John Loder runs a very successful company called Zest4Life.  Today I talk to her about the importance of having a positive attitude when it comes to business. You can find out more about Carolyn and Zest for Life by visiting the website http://www.zest4life.eu/ The interview lasts approx 12 minutes.  To listen, click on the 11 link below. 11 If you would like to feel more confident why not download my 'You Can Feel Confident' recording http://habitfixer.com/products-and-courses/ Speak soon......

Don’t let others kill your ideas

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Not everyone likes our ideas and whilst it's great to get different viewpoints, if we allow ourselves to be completely influenced by others opinions, we may well squash ourselves in the process.  The smart thing to do is to get feedback from people who can really help you develop your ideas. When you can have fun, allowing your imagination to flow, you never know where it might get you, or what you might come up with! I was sent this film today, which really illustrates beautifully how important it is to not let others dampen your enthusiasm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3c9YSrNRgY&feature=player_embedded Take Thomas Edison for instance, he never gave up on his idea for a light bulb..... 'One day, Edison was sitting in his [...]

The Passion Quiz

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2011 is here, and right now you may not be feeling the least bit 'passionate',  but take heart, to follow your passion you first need to find it! This Christmas a dear friend of mine gave me a beautiful diary.  I had said how much I liked the one she had last year, and to my delight she remembered and bought me the 'Mind Body & Spirit Book of Days'. I opened my diary and saw'The Passion Quiz' and found it so inspiring I thought I'd share it with you. When you have some time to yourself, why not check out the quiz, find yourself a  journal and answer the following questions.... The Passion Quiz I'm proudest of ...... I most value [...]


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