You Can Feel Confident

Confidence Building Courses

Self confidence isn’t something you’re born with. Self Confidence comes from choosing to think and act in a confident way until it becomes a habit. There is no ‘quick fix’, but the good news is, anyone can learn to feel confident (even YOU!) with some simple daily practices.

21 Days of Confidence Course

Investing in your future Confident Self

21 Days of Confidence

This 21 Day Confidence course is a series of 21 emails with 21 different ways to build your Confidence.

Being a Confident person, isn’t rocket science, but if no one significant has ever role-modelled confident behaviour to you, and taught you how to do the same, how are you supposed to know what to do to become Confident?!

The series of emails you will be receiving, contain 21 possible Confident actions that you can choose to take repeatedly, over time, so that they become great habits, enabling you to become the Confident person you’ve always dreamed of being.

Here’s to a Confident YOU!

STOP saying Yes when you want to say No

Free 5 day challenge

STOP saying Yes when you want to say No!

Do you regularly say YES to things that don’t fill you with joy, satisfaction or a sense of fulfilment?

Saying YES to other people can be exhausting and usually means you’ve got less time to spend doing the things that bring YOU happiness. We all have 24 hours in a day and when you consciously choose where you spend your time, your life becomes so much more enjoyable and fun.

The ‘STOP saying YES when you want to say NO’ – 5 Day Challenge, is designed to be simple and fun, and will enable you to start to change your habit of saying YES to others (without thinking about it), so that ultimately you’ll have more time to start saying YES to yourself!

When you say YES to yourself, Life is extraordinarily wonderful!!

6 Steps to be Unapologetically YOU

Self Confidence Formula

6 Steps to be Unapologetically YOU

How would you like to be YOU? I mean really BE YOU?

What would life be like if you didn’t feel the need to ‘fit in’ or apologise for being who you are?

I know all too well what it’s like to ‘pretend to be confident’ so that I could ‘fit in’. I spent many years trying to be a ‘good girl’, because I didn’t want to ‘upset people,’ or get told off!

I also said yes to things that really didn’t serve me, physically or emotionally, because the last thing I wanted was for people to ‘leave me out’ or call me ‘weird’. The irony was though, that whilst I was busy pleasing others, I was missing out on the sheer joy of being me!

If you can resonate with what I’m saying then maybe my Self Confidence Formula (6 steps to be Unapologetically You) could be perfect.