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I know firsthand how powerful and effective hypnosis is.  About 26 years ago, I went to see a hypnotherapist as I was suffering with panic attacks.  Although I was sceptical about it working, I knew I didnt want to continue suffering. I was totally gob smackedbecause after a few sessions of working with the hypnotherapist, and listening to a recording she made me, I no longer experienced anxiety! It was then that I decided, Id like to help other people using this technique too. 

I have created You Can Lose Weight” and You Can Feel Confident” hypnosis MP3 downloads so that you can change your habits.  All there is for you to do is download it, remove any distractions, find a comfortable place to relax, pop in some ear pods and listen to my voice.



Trish Tenn

“I love the hypnosis MP3 it was very professional and Julie‘s voice was so inviting I found myself throughout the day thinking about the three power words and also have used it late at night to sleep.”

Sue Campling

“I listened to the hypnosis recording 3 times every week. This helped me to relax, & a few times I fell asleep before the end! I hear in my head during the day my inner self saying ’I am free, I am alive, I am confident’; this automatically increases feelings of self-confidence & happiness within me. I love experiencing the feelings during the recording of happy and safe childhood memories, which I am starting to experience during the day as well. I intend to continue to listen to the recording regularly, 3 times a week at least.”

Suzanne Parr

“I think the Hypnosis was / is helpful. I have certainly found I’ve felt more confident. I’ve noticed an improvement when I have been shopping etc.”

Jill Williams

“The hypnosis mp3 was very relaxing.”

Jo Eagle

“The hypnosis mp3 was relaxing and empowering.”

You Can Lose Weight

Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 Download

Weight Loss Hypnosis MP3 Download

In this fantastic weight loss hypnosis MP3 download called ‘You can Lose Weight’ I take you through 30 minutes of relaxation and coaching. Used daily, you can shed those pounds and be on your way to your optimum weight.

You Can Feel Confident

Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Download

Self Confidence Hypnosis MP3 Download

When you listen to this ‘You Can Feel Confident’ hynosis MP3 download, I will assist you in activating your inner resources in order to achieve realistic goals. This hypnotherapy tool will help you to reduce anxiety and build your confidence.